Who we are

HQ studio is dedicated to deliver high level of home staging service to East Bay, Tri-Valley, Bay Area, California and always enjoy and feel proud of the interior we create.    

Home Staging Designer 
Haley Qu

With great passion for interior design and real estate, Haley established her own home staging practice, HQ studio.  She enjoys working in creating appling spaces and welcoming atmoshpere for properties to attract potential buyers.  The background of growing up in both Asia and America  gives the advantage of understanding the two different cultures and mix them in her staging desgin to create the modern fusion look.  

Holding a master degree from Industrial Engineering, Haley is dedicated to deliver high quality level staging service to her clients in a timely manner.  Applying lean 6-sigma methodology, HQ studio has committed to continuous improvment on quality, costs, time of service, and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to grow together with our customers with quality, trust and efficiency, the core value of HQ studio.

Haley's strong sense of fashion and the great knowledge of efficiency management lead the success of HQ studio.